Tiki Quartz Cleaner

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Say aloha to Tiki Quartz Cleaner the eco-friendly and TSA-approved cleaner made from corn!

While Isopropyl is made from fossil fuels (the cause of most negative environmental production), Ethanol is a a naturally produced renewable resource. It's even been said it could reduce emissions by 30%.

Isopropyl is also extremely toxic to aquatic life and fish are pretty cool. Don't be mean to fish. 

You use almost half as much per volume of our product versus any isopropyl based product on the market today. The nature of an ethanol based product is that in which they are polar option instead of a non-polar based product. The advantage is that is binds, breaks down, and helps dissolve event the toughest of goo's and grimes!

Keep your quartz and atomizers sparkling ! A few sprays, and you're good to go! (And if you're a jetsetter, you'll love that it's plane-friendly too!).

2oz spray bottle